Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Changin' rooms... ur doin' it wrong...

Things we need to do (garden) :

Remove the waste - there is a lot of waste here.

I have just chucked, over the course of two weeks nearly 500 jam jars.

1) there is no need to keep this many jam jars - ever. You will never make that much jam. There is not enough sugar in the world for you to make that much jam. Even if you have shares in a sugar company, you'll never eat that much jam.
2) there is no need to sort them by type into cardboard boxes. This shows you have too much time on your hands.
3) and if you do have a ligitimate use for them , there is even less reason to put the sorted, washed and packed jam jars in boxes in the garden.

Then there was the cooking oil.

Do not keep used cooking oil. It is foul and it smells; and unless you run a company making biofuels, you will not use it again. Especially not if you have taken the time and effort to decant it into 5 litre bottles and chuck it in the garden. Please also do not keep the 5 litre drums you bought the cooking oil in either, they are metal and can go in the recycling. If you had done this when you'd emptied them, I would have not have had to have spent two hours jet washing them so they could go into the bin.

this is going to take a while... a long while...