Thursday, 5 January 2012

The elephant in the room

Every home should have one.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Chuck out your chintz...

Wanna see my kitchen?

Yeah. Great. *sigh* The other side's not much better...

Unfortunately before we can have a kitchen fitted, we need to do a lot of prep in here, the ceiling needs repairing, the walls need treating, the floor needs removing, the units need to go, the hob needs to be dumped, the extractor fan needs to be removed...

All in all we need a skip... probably several.

It doesn't help that all of the stuff we haven't unpacked lives in here for the time being, so in order to make things easier, I have been decluttering, freecycling and getting rid of stuff. I have a ruthless streak when it comes to stuff, if it isn't nailed down, it will go in the skip/on ebay or on freecycle. Getting Holger to chuck stuff out however is like trying to get a stool sample from a rocking horse. Together we work out fine; I stop him being buried by the stuff in the avalanche cupboard, he stops me throwing away my passport.

Only he's in Frankfurt at the moment... This mess is mine... Mwahhhaaaaa....

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, new loo

I haven't been about much for the past couple of months. I'd like to say it is because the house is progressing super fast and I'm coming in full of energy and tackling the mess superhero style.

Nope, I've been snowed under at work. Again.

But the bathroom looks like this now. Which is awesome.

It's taken far longer than we thought. The shower quad was the sticking point here. We ordered a 900mm quad from the bathroom arm of a major supermarket, checked it when it arrived - everything seemed to be fine. Cemented the tray down. All good so far... Until we try to assemble the blasted thing. Five different people tried, multiple attempts. No way was that going to slot in so it was banished to the work in progress pit for ages out of sheer frustration. The screw holes for the frame just wouldn't key together.

It was all too much hassle in the end - we gave up and bought one ebay to replace the one we ordered which I dumped on freecycle last night. Ironically it's a much better quality quadrant we've ended up with and it cost much less.

All good, all the hard stuff done...

Well, until we broke the one orginal feature.

Never ends, does it?