Saturday, 3 March 2012

Old hands

I produced this one a couple of years ago for my college tutor; I found it again yesterday when I was tidying up my computer desktop. At the time, he was updating his book about the college and was having problems with an old print so I decided to have a shot at redrawing the scene. A reproduction wasn't needed in the end because one of our more tech-savvy members managed to manipulate the original image so it could be used but here is my effort.

I can't find the original drawing sadly to reference it, but it is a picture of St Cross church, Holywell, Oxford. It now houses Balliol college's historic collection.

Friday, 2 March 2012

A little craft in the carp

I can't make things, bake things or - to be honest do any of the things I normally like doing at the moment what with the house in such a state.

But I can draw.

This is where I work. Top floor, about half way along the building, behind the tree.