Monday, 1 February 2010

Hands that do dishes...

I wish I had nice elegant hands, but I don't. I have hands that repair vacuum pumps, tweak machines and clean out rabbit hutches. I can see four scars just as I'm typing this - the three long ones were down to me breaking NMR tubes at work and the fourth was due to an incident with an angry chicken (honestly, that is true!). I have short fingers, a touch of ecxema (thanks to a combination of spending hours everyday with gloves on and the solvents we handle at work) and I bite my nails. They're not ugly hands, they are just *practical* hands; hands that work rather than hands wot lunch.

It's because of this I don't wear rings or nail polish. Or anything really that draws attention to them. Which is a shame as I see so many really lovely rings - but I just know they wouldn't suit me, I'd spend ages fiddling nervously with them or I'd get annoyed with them catching on things.

Despite this, my craft box contains a number of ring blanks. Quite a large number in fact. Most of them have pierced fronts and adjustable backs.

As my Prague beads are still spread over every surface, I figured beads might be the way to go here.

Blue beads - blue cord :) I'd say it was a highly considered colour choice inspired by one of my many muses, but it's more to do with the fact that my craft boxes are in disarray at the moment, so I pulled out the first matching pair. It was a little like those maths problems you used to get at school where you had to calculate the number of time you had to select a sock from a drawer in order to get a pair.

Threading through the first hole actually proved easier to hold in place if I wore the ring to support it.

Four regularly spaced leaves round the outside...

..and some random beads in the centre to add a little bit of height.

These little flower beads need threading in a different way as the hole is in the centre. Thread goes through the flower, through a seed bead then back through the flower to hold it upright.

Repeat until bored :)

Final product - upgraded from the dark of my craft box to the dark of my jewellery box. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to wear it outside.


Abi said...

found you on folksy forums, i love your felting, especially the sheep! I'm following you now too. x

blackcatswhiskers said...

Hi there, Please accept this Sunshine Award! See more on my blog:
Best wishes, Claire x

CreatedandFelted said...

I have "crafters hands" mine are crooked and a bit knarled. I have a secret stash of lovely rings and braclets which are all just like new!