Friday, 2 April 2010

Ladybird, ladybird

I made this a while ago, using the same sort of double thread technique as the necklace with the flowers I made earlier in the year. I really like these little ladybirds, I think they are lovely.


I've wanted to make a pair of matching earrings for a while - but, as usual, hadn't got round to it.

I had a quick sort through my beads from Prague and selected a few little bits. I don't often wear large earrings on account of being a little person, so just a couple of small ones. Threading the ladybird and the little flower onto head pins gives me this.

I'm not good at wire wrapping, but I've found if I wrap it round a kebab skewer I can at least keep the loop size consistant. These headpins are mercifully soft, so bend quite easily.

Almost the same size...

I can use a jump ring for the leaf as the hole is through the side rather than down the middle, just to add a bit of movement to it.

Quick attack of the pliers and I'm finished :) Nice and simple :)

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