Thursday, 9 December 2010

Secret santa

We are doing a secret santa at work. We don't normally, mainly because my boss thinks it's a pants idea, but after a lot of persuasion, he agreed. Only I was in Germany when they dished out the names so I only found out about this on Monday. And it has to be done by tomorrow.

I have one of our undergraduate project students - so I can't torture them too much. Actually, I could have but I didn't have time to have a t-shirt printed with "If the North is so great, why are you here?" or "I love Thatcher" - both of which he would have found beyond offensive.

So it's into the craft stash for a quick throw together.

I have this box that I liberated from the recyling at work. It used to have my hot air gun in it.

I had actually attempted to paint it red, but I didn't actually have enough red paint to finish the job properly.

The box also has an insert, which I am going to leave in place though to help hold the contents where I want them.

I've just loosely tucked a piece of tied-dyed cotton over the insert, put it back in the box, then cut an opening in the front of it.

Because the painting didn't work, I've covered it red wrapping paper.

Then cutting through it to reveal the opening I made before wrapping, tucking the loose paper underneath and adding some die-cut lettering.

Fill with an assortment of scary alcoholic things and some sweets, then inserting a piece of clear overhead projector film over the opening gives the final product.

Hopefully it will make him smile tomorrow morning.

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helen said...

That is flipping fantastic!