Thursday, 24 February 2011

Creative accounting

I do ocassionally pick up a copy of the Financial Times. I can never be bothered to read it, but there is something nice about using the stocks and shares pages to draw on with charcoal. I hadn't done this for ages as I just haven't had a great deal of time recently but I acquired a copy when travelling last week as they occassionally give you news papers on the plane. I had a choice between the FT, The Mail and something printed in Russian, so the choice was an easy one.

This is the box I keep my receipts in. The scorch marks on the top were as a result of me playing with a pyrography iron, but didn't really like where it was going so never finished the design. I've been wanting to brighten it up to cover over this scribble, but as usual, it's been langishing in the work-in-progress pit for ages.

Just using slightly watered down PVA glue to stick strips of paper to the box allows me to build up the layers and cover the previous attempt at doing something with this box.

Carrying on...

We have this jar at home where we put coins from overseas that we didn't manage to spend on sweets at the airport. Last time I checked in here there were coins from over fifteen different currencies, some of which don't even exist any more and some of which are from places I'll probably never visit again. As I'm still going to be using this for keeping reciepts in, it seems fitting to use some of these coins to embellish the box.

I've just added a couple of stripes of ribbon down the sides then pasted a couple of the coins on top to finish it off.

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Lorna May said...

Great work.
{Dab anda dash.}