Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Have passport, will travel

I have my passport back! I can travel again!

I'm not sure I mentioned before, but I've been without my passport for a few weeks. I feel sort of lost without my passport. It needed to be renewed before the summer and I figured that I may as well do it now whilst I don't have to go anywhere. Cue form filling and new photographs, simple so far.

A little while after I posted everything off, I got a letter from the passport office saying they had tried to phone me and hadn't got a reply. This is hardly suprising given the hours I work, so I called them back. I thought they were going to query the photograph, as I bore more than a passing resemblance to Wednesday Addams ten years ago and they don't allow dark and brooding semi-profile shots with long hair draped over your face anymore. It was actually wierder than that - they wanted a copy of my degree certificate as they wanted to put it on the observations page. I was a bit surprised at this and slightly concerned it would be the fastest way to ensure I got cavity searched everytime I travel. I declined politely and managed to convince them it wasn't necessary as I wouldn't be much help if someone collapsed on the plane anyway as the extent of my medical training is a first aid at work certificate. Anyway, I have it back now - thankfully without any indication of what I do plastered all over the back page. It never even crossed my mind they'd collect that sort of data and makes me wonder what else they have on me. I hate being quizzed at airports - "Oh, I work with viruses now, but before then I worked in a lab designing drugs" is probably not an advisable way to present yourself. It's not as exciting as it sounds. I work with a virus that gives cows the squirts and before then I was making sugars that would get stuck to that bug you find in cat poo.

Still, as it's new and shiny I figured it would be nice to make a cover for it to stop it getting covered in backpack sticky, fluff, sand and diet coke like my last one.

Since the sewing machine and I are getting on alright at the moment, fabric is the way forward. I have this fabric. I've had it ages. It came out the remnant bin in a charity store in Oxford city centre originally. I thought it was one length, but when I got it home I realised that it was actually several small bits stapled together and because of that it's been in my fabric bag ever since. I think someone had been trying to make cushion covers, then got disturbed.

If I cut out a strip roughly twice the length of my passport I can sew it into a book shape with two open ends.

If I then turn it inside out, it will hide the seams.

...checking to see if it will fit...

...and finish off with a few very old buttons. I love these buttons :)

I just hope it stops it getting as messy as my last one!

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