Sunday, 4 July 2010

Running with scissors

I have sort of long hair. When I say "sort of long" I sort of mean that it used to be longer than it is now but it's still not as short as it has been in the past. I'm a bit nervous of the hairdresser - she is very nice and very very good, but she does put blades up against my neck and that makes me uneasy.

Anyway, I was going to have it cut really short again as it's warm but decided to leave it a little bit longer at the last minute. The problem now is is that it's too short to tie back and too long to leave loose. Everytime I try to tie it back, I get bits flapping round my face and they get in the way so it's really annoying. I do a lot of close work, in both art and science and the last thing I want is my hair covered with paint and viruses. So I need an alice band. I have some metal ones which I wear from time to time, but they don't fit all that well and I want something softer that wouldn't be a means of upsetting a phrenologist.

I haven't worn an alice band since I was at school. It doesn't bring back good memories. I wandered into town earlier today and couldn't bring stay for a long time in any shops that would sell them; on account of being twice the age of most of the clientelle. It was like standing in the crowd in an Alphabeat gig all over again - that's a different story and one day my therapist will let me talk about it.

I've been wondering what to do with this stuff for for a while.

It found it's way back in my suitcase after a trip to the Far East. This, I can promise, is the worst place on Earth to put someone with an addiction to ribbons; and is one of many travel related reasons my flat is full of junk.

A length of thick ribbon and a short bit of elastic.

I admit, it would probably be easier to hand sew this, but my fingers are really sore at the moment because I've been typing so much, so I got the machine out. Ribbon, plus elastic = cursing.

The ribbon is wider, so I folded it in to make it a bit tidier. It doesn't want to hem - at least not with this needle, so I've just sewed it over several times to stop it fraying.

All done. It's like to 80's all over again. Wicked.

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