Friday, 9 July 2010

The best laid plans of sugarmice

I have been trying to be good and take lunch to work each day rather than defaulting to the sandwich shop or just eating crisps. Sadly, as I couldn't organise an alcohol fuelled party in beer production facility at the moment, these plans have gone a bit astray.

Take today. I packed: three bananas, a can of coke and a box of noodles with stir fried veg and tofu (leftovers from last night). By the time I'd got to work, the box had split, stuff had gone everywhere, the bananas looked like someone had stamped on them and the internal pressure of the can of coke could have razed an atoll in the Pacific. So it was falafel and houmous on olive ciabatta *again*.

Well, I managed to salvage my bag - which is currently in the wash, none of the papers were that important and my cheque book is drying nicely on my desk fan and fluttering about like - well - chequebook shaped bunting soaked in chilli sauce.

I now have these bananas, which I can't eat as they are brown. I only eat bananas when they are green. Green = good. These are not good. Bananas amaze me. I hit traffic lights on my way to work that change colour more slowly than these things. I am assuming they do it to protect themselves from their natural predators.

The don't look that bad once they are all peeled and chopped up though. I was pretty sure they'd be damaged on the inside after all the trauma they've been through.

8 oz of soft margarine, 7 oz of sugar - beaten lightly until sort of homogenous. Not too much, don't have time for all that Delia stuff.

Four eggs.

8 oz of self raising flour, 1 tsp of cinnamon, 1 oz of dark sugar, 1.5 oz of porridge oats, tsp of baking powder.

Add chopped, and somewhat traumatised, bananas.

Muffin cases - this mix makes about 18; fill about 2/3 full and shove into the oven at 180 degrees for about twenty minutes.

Look a bit like this when they are done...

I don't frost these, but a little bit of grated chocolate works fine as a topping

Mmmm... warm damaged banana muffins :)


Michelle said...

Ooo they look good. Will have to make them myself x

Christine said...

They look yum! Love banana cakes, have to make them a lot myself since I hate bananas with even a freckle of brown on them. They have to be mostly green, just turning to a perfect unblemished yellow. Not that I'm particular :o)

Sugarmice said...

lol - me too :) One bruise and that's it - they become inedible!

JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

These look divine. Must make some!!!

Jacqueline x