Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Beside you in time

I was thinking yesterday exactly where my time goes and realised that half (well, most) of my problem is that I absorb things. If you look at my project set at work, I currently have some extra data sets from an old colleague whom I still work with off and on, a data set I picked up from my boss as he had needed another pair of hands, a synthesis for somebody upstairs and a seventeen step synthesis for someone in my group. This is on top of my normal day-to-day work, which at the moment involves growing viruses, messing about with things I know nothing about and trying to write the usual pile of crappy reports.

My work life balance toppled over a long time ago and I never managed to stand it back up again.

So the theme of this make therefore is time. I adore steampunk style things for so many reasons; the intricate parts of machinary put on display as art and the fact it's a testament to the power of upcycling.

I do quite a bit of this style of artwork for my own personal amusement but don't list it for sale as my own shop is full of tiny kawaii sugary things. This amuses most people that know me, as I actually lean more to the gothic side of art and fashion myself and what I make to sell doesn't suit me at all. Black suits me; frills do not. I'm not exactly the anti-kawaiist when it comes to my wardrobe, but I'm close.

I have these after a late night last minute caffeine fuellled ebay snipe. They used to be watches and they aren't any more.

I've made vial necklaces before on this blog, but I think they would work very well to use up some of the tiny watch parts I can't really solder to larger things without injuring myself; so this make is a bit of a repeat of the previous one with the plastic fish. I do apologise for my lack of orginality at the moment, I don't have as much time as I'd like thanks to a long running and very dull experiment which has been feeding on my life force and pile of paperwork so large mountain goats have colonised the top.

I'm using another of the little round glass vials - mainly because they look like lightbulbs and that fits with the industrial look.

Adding small watch parts to the vial.

I like these little clear glass pellets, so I'm going to add a few of them in too. Once they are underneath the oil you can't actually see them, so they give the impression that some of the watch parts are suspended in the middle of the vial rather than are stuck at the bottom.

Filling the vial with oil, capping and gluing shut gives me this; I've added another large cog on a jump ring too and connected it to a fine silver chain.

Now I have time, literally :)

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That is just brilliant!